Cinematic Portraits - Creating Old Hollywood Style Images - 2 to 4 hour lecture program

In the constantly evolving world of professional photography, it seems like everyone is always looking for the next big thing. When everyone else is trying to figure out what is new and fresh, Pete Wright has been looking back to the classic portraits from the 20's and 30's for inspiration. His studio has developed a reputation for his Film Noir look, which is an homage to photographic greats like George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull and other photographic pioneers from Old Hollywood. Join Pete Wright as he brings back the glamour of the silver screen stars and makes what was once considered old, new again. He will show you how to create beautiful and dramatic lighting with perfect poses, wardrobe, props and sets to create an authentic feeling image. This program will walk you through some of the quintessential studio basics for portraiture and advance to combining those basics with the right tools to create a unique look that your studio can offer right away.


Cinematic Portraits - Creating Old Hollywood Style Images - 4 to 6 hour hands-on program

This is the same as the program above, but incorporates the use of a model and creative set and background elements to create images. Attendees will have the opportunity to photograph so that they not only are able to create great image, but also have a better understanding of the various lighting patterns used and why certain poses are used. (A model and hair and make up artist a required for this program.)


Separation Anxiety! - 2 to 4 hour lecture program

In a time when the photography industry is growing exponentially, it is more crucial than ever to stand out in the crowd. Clients are presented with so many options when selecting photographers to capture their wedding and often choose the ones whom they connect with the most and have the best memory of. The key is figuring out ways to make sure they remember you and not the hundreds of other photographers that they come across in their search. Pete Wright of PW Photography has mastered the art of standing out in a crowd and targeting his specific client. Join Pete as he takes the anxiety out of finding separation between you and your competition and shows you everything you need to do to make sure that next big wedding has you at the top of their list.


Out of the Box Bride - up to 2 hour hands-on program

In this hands-on program we take a beautiful bride and find spaces that are ordinary and turn them into something extraordinary. Pete loves finding spots that most people would walk right by and turning them into the background for an amazing image of a bride on her wedding day. Join Pete and take a step out of the box!