Workshop Details

The Film Noir Workshop will cover a vast range of information at each location. The goal is to ensure that each attendee has a strong understanding of basic lighting patterns and posing before continuing on to the task of creating images. We will be working with modern versions of traditional lighting modifiers that were true to the era of the 1920's and 1930's, so there will be NO softboxes used in this workshop. After working with modifiers like fresnels, snoots, grids and barndoors, you will quickly hone in on seeing lighting patterns. We will be working with both constant lights and strobes so there will be multiple shooting opportunities.

During the class we will cover information about props, wardrobe, jewelry and furnishing of the era and then use those elements to create an authentic feeling set to photograph in. Once we have created the set, we will place and pose a model within the set and working on refinements to make the model look her absolute best for images. A major focus of the workshop will be building with light, starting with one light and then adding additional lights. This will help everyone understand the best place for each light and the purpose of each light you would use in a Film Noir portrait.

At the end of each class you will leave with great images and the knowledge needed to recreate those images.